Five Ways To Give Your House A Curb-Side Facelift

Are you trying to list your house on the market? Maybe you love your house but are finally ready to give the exterior the facelift it deserves. Updating your curb-side appeal is a great way to add value to your home and take pride in your decorating skills for all your neighbors to see.


There are many ways you can give your home’s exterior an impactful makeover. Whether it’s as small as some new landscaping or as large as remodeling a deck or installing new siding, there are many ways you can get the look you desire. Check out some of these popular makeover projects below.

1. Update your entrance way

A quick and easy way a homeowner can update their house is with some fresh paint on a door. Consider a pop of color or some funky new hardware. The door is a fantastic statement piece that reflects the character and style of your home.

Another way to add some character to your entrance is through wreaths and funky house numbers. Check out local artists to help you find that personal touch of decor that’s right for you.

2. Replace old windows

Shabby windows can make an otherwise beautiful home look less than it’s worth. New windows are a great way to accent your home’s architecture and make it look like more of a show stopper.

Colonial of Farmhouse style windows are a stylish way to make your home look even better from the road. Maybe you could try adding shutters, or painting the exterior an eye catching colour. Plus, new windows are often energy-efficient and add value to your home in ways other than updated aesthetics.

3. Curb-Side Facelift : Landscaping

An underrated way of giving your house a facelift is through landscaping and walkway updates. A great solution if you don’t want to put too much money into a big project. Even better if you’re a DIY person looking to get your hands dirty.


Some ideas of landscaping touch-ups include gardens, flower beds, stately shrubs, or even a cobblestone walkway. Be sure to consider what kind of maintenance you’d like to sign up for when making landscaping changes, especially if you’re a renter!

4. New siding

If your house came with siding that you weren’t quite fond of, new siding is a great way to take some ownership over your home’s exterior design and make it look like a brand-new house. There are so many different types of siding to consider.


Between insulated, vinyl, wood, composite siding, and more, there’s an option for you to achieve the look of your dream home. Check out all the pros and cons before deciding which route you’d like to select.

5. Remodel a patio or deck

You may have bought your house years ago and dreamt of getting that front porch or back deck that you’ve always dreamed of. If so, maybe now’s the time to make that dream a reality! Porches and decks are perfect ways to add value to your home in terms of pleasure from using this new outdoor space and resell value in the future.


This job requires a little more expertise. You want to make sure you’re using quality lumber that will hold up well, so future repairs aren’t necessary.

The Takeaway

During this warm weather season, it’s a great time to undergo those big projects that make you feel like you’re living in your dream home. Boosting your curb-side appeal is a great way to take more pride in your home and increase its value. Start planning your home project today!

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